Notes to self:

  • You are more than the people who don’t write you back; focus your energy on the ones that do. Your worth isn’t determined by loves unrequited, but by the ones that are.
  • Being called in can be a liberation.
  • The screens that blind your eyes are enamored with half-truths and lies. No piece of technology can tell you the full story. You see what they want you to see; don’t let it break you.
  • At times you may feel like the most selfish selfless person on the planet, your vanity and self-possession become drained by your desperation to make others smile. You are you, and you can always be better, but being better doesn’t have to mean breaking yourself down and giving away the pieces. Being better starts with taking care of yourself, the rest will come.
  • The pull of the rabbit hole is strong but you are stronger; resist.
  • You have so much more life left to live, don’t spend your time worrying that you haven’t lived enough. There are so many beautiful adventures to come.

The Woodland Wallflower

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