Good morning Wallflowers! Today is the first day of May, and it is time for my April reading wrap-up! Without further ado…

#5 Once Upon a Quinceañera

Once Upon a Quinceañera by Monica Gomez-Hira is a super fun teen rom-com novel about a girl named Carmen who lives in Miami and her summer misadventures as she is bombarded with curveball after curveball. Become a party princess? Yup. Forced to work with her ex? No problem! Perform at her perfect cousin’s Quinceañera? It’ll be a breeze. If you are looking for a casual read, this is the one for you!

#4 The Code for Love and Heartbreak

The Code for Love and Heartbreak by Jillian Cantor is a modern take on the classic Emma by Jane Austen. Emma Woodhouse is having a crazy senior year, full of drama, romance, and as always, coding. Her school’s coding club creates an algorithm called The Code for Love to create matches for their fellow high school students, and what at first was something romantic and true, begins to fall into chaos…

#3 Starfish

Starfish by Lisa Fipps is a heartfelt middle-grade novel in verse that I read in one sitting. It is about a girl named Ellie as she navigates new friendships and learns to love the body that she is in. I recommend this book to fans of middle grade, novels in verse, and stories that you’ll feel in your heart.

#2 Fat Chance Charlie Vega

Fat Chance Charlie Vega by Crystal Maldonado is one of my new favorite YA contemporary novels, and I absolutely LOVED it. You may remember this book for last week’s Top 10 Audiobooks post. I’ve gotten to attend a virtual author event with Crystal Maldonado (who is absolutely AMAZING!) and I cannot recommend this book enough. It is such a fun and beautiful read all about fat acceptance, friendship, love, and the pains of growing up.

#1 A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow

A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow is an absolutely incredible and heartstopping read that I want to recommend to literally everyone. The writing? Beautiful. The characters? Beautiful. The romance?! BEAUTIFUL. Lila Reyes dreams of being a baker, and her Cuban delights are to die for. As her life starts to fall apart around her, she is sent from Miami to England to spend the summer with family friends. This is a story about, love, growth, loss, heartbreak, and the magic of food. I cannot recommend it enough.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Have you read any of the books on my list? What have been your favorite reads this month? Share them in the comments!

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