the little happy things

here is a list of things that have made me happy this week, and i hope they make you happy too. in honor of self love sunday, let’s begin…

-creating things for myself and the people i love

-watching deer playing in the woods

-playing guitar and singing with my soul sister

-sitting in the sun

-laughing with my friend and her precious dog over zoom

-musical rehearsals and the goofy energy of my fellow theatre kids

-singing along to frozen 2 on the projector with my friends at lunch

-petting my favorite dog through a car window

-getting cards in the mail

-all the “i love you’s”, and kitty cuddles, and dreams of the future…

and so many more! what are the little happy things that have happened to you this week? share them in the comments below!

peace and love,
the woodland wallflower

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