We thought we had faced the worst of it.
The endless sea of struggles and bad news 
that only got worse when we finally mustered up the courage to flick on the TV.
Isolation crept closer and closer under the cover of darkness,
and the fear of death lingered on our lips.

Faces hidden and distance kept
for the safety of ourselves and our loved ones.
The fissures in our democracy growing larger and larger
began to crumble,
and our forests were consumed by flames.

I sit alone in a bubble and blast my music as loud as it goes
to drown out the chaos and the pain,
desperately grasping for some tiny shards of light to hold onto.
It takes me a moment to find them but I do.
The lights are still shining, I remind myself,
but it is okay to be scared.

Stay safe everyone,
The Woodland Wallflower

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