“Liberty and Justice for All”

We are the brave
we are “the chosen ones”
we are the united
the broken
the ones who are
for a future without fear
the ones who
for our lives and our freedoms
and the lives and the freedoms
of the people we love.

And we love and we love and we love
through our pain and despair
through our stolen dreams
and shimmering futures turned to ash.

We love and we fight
and we fight and we love
and we wait and we plan
for the day where
WE are the ones making the plans
to save ourselves and our world
and make the vision we have
of our futures a reality.

So I sit and I listen
I write and I dream
and I know someday
it will be me
who takes charge in the fight for
liberty and justice for all.

The Woodland Wallflower

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