To those I call my Wallflowers,

The weeks are long and the days are longer, made of moments come and gone, and somehow managing to sneak past us in a blur.

Wait! I call. Slow down, please! but the world keeps speeding by, all while I slow down; power down; empty.

It’s Self Love Sunday and these posts were meant to uplift you. You, the people that I cheer for, care for, and cherish.

But today I am taking a step back so that I can come back stronger.

I can only do the things that I want to do when I take care of myself, and today I call you to take extra good care of yourself too.

You might need a break. Or you might need to push forward. But no matter what you need I urge you to listen to yourself most of all.

You are strong and you are only going to get stronger.

I believe.

All my love,
The Woodland Wallflower

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