Hey, it’s been a while. I started this blog in January 2021 (as a New Year’s Resolution of sorts) with the hopes of making other people happy. A simple motivation in theory, but in reality a difficult goal to quantify, understand, or reach. The end of my school year was magical and chaotic, but that isn’t why I stopped blogging. The truth is that I stopped blogging because I had lost sight of my goal, and I was becoming blind to the negative effects that working on this blog was having on me.

The excessive social media use, my need for perfection, and the devastation I would feel after every post because my blog didn’t have as big of a reach as I had dreamed. I have taken this past month to reflect on why I put so much value into my blog and the validation (or often lack thereof) that I received from working on it.

I am making the decision not to stop working on my blog for good like I had thought I might, but I will be limiting (and maybe even getting rid of) my social media presence on Instagram as @TheWoodlandWallflower. If you would like to stay in the loop with my blog, please subscribe through my website, and if not I hope you’ll check back in soon. And remember, it is always okay to take time for you, even when it feels like you can’t. I have no doubt that you will come back stronger than ever.

The Woodland Wallflower

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