Fragile and Strong

When I feel fragile my whole world goes up in flames.
The things that bring me joy begin to suffocate,
and I scour the scattered ashes of my talents for a sign
that I am worthy and never lost.

When I feel strong my chest is alight with love.
I breathe in power with everything I do,
and the future looks full of possibilities.
The hope that flows through my veins assures me
it is here to stay.

This past week I have felt both fragile and strong.
The strings in my chest have caved in on themselves,
only for the strength of my love to gently untangle them and whisper,
“you are okay: your fragility makes you stronger”.
I remind myself that although the world outside might be dark,
the place I have inside and the people who surround me are anything but.

I must only shine brighter in the darkness.

The Woodland Wallflower

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