Hello my lovely Wallflowers! It’s Self Love Sunday, and as you may have noticed I have missed a few Self Love Sunday posts this past month or so. I am currently working on creating a more regular posting schedule for myself, and I would absolutely LOVE to start posting more, but to make the work I put into my blog worth it, I need you to do something for me.

I have been struggling with getting people to discover my blog, and a lack of readership and response makes it difficult to do what I am doing. Working on my blog takes a lot of effort and time and I want to make this blog into something, but I am just not sure what. That’s what I need you for.

If you have any suggestions for me about my blog, I want to hear them! Big or small. What do you like most about this blog? What ideas do you have? Anything! And if we all share this blog with someone who we think will like it, and ask them to share it with someone in return, just think about how much it could grow! Pick your favorite post and send it to a friend or loved one, and tell me in the comments which one you chose! I’ll give you a shout-out for sharing (but please let me know if you don’t want a shoutout). Either way, I will send you lots of love and strength for whatever you need right now.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Peace and love,
The Woodland Wallflower

2 Replies to “A Favor for The Woodland Wallflower🌸✨💗”

  • I actually love your poems and I love your book recommendations so I would love to see some more of those. Also, sharing anything about yourself (your story, your thoughts on a topic) would be interesting too because it will help us feel more connected to you as well as getting to know you better. You have lots of fun posts and I am excited for more!

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