t h e l i t t l e t h i n g s

the bracelet on my wrist
is made from strings
that tie me
to a girl
I will always cherish
to a girl
who cheers me on.

the ring on my finger
was crafted
by my witch sister
(my future covenmate)
and holds a rose quartz
meant to remind me to
LOVE myself
and to never forget my power.

the pen in my hand
was given to me
by the girl who understands
the one who found me
and coaxed me from my shell
before I even knew I needed her
and now I will never
let her go.

as I write, I begin to smile
for there is more than enough room in my heart
for the little things
and for the people that mean the most.


Have a lovely Valentine’s day my Wallflower, and never forget the loves that make you who you are, and that your own love for yourself means most of all.

The Woodland Wallflower

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