Shine, my flower (a poem)

I chose to give love
to the person I am becoming
she is everything I hope to be
I’ll grow to be
I will be
I am already starting to see.

Endless compassion
inspiring bravery
a smile that brightens rooms,

I am not her yet,
but she is a part of me
each moment growing stronger
the day our two selves
become one
inching nearer
as the song inside of me gets louder and louder
while the music of who I will be
fills me up and inspires
me every day
and in everything I do.

Your future self lives inside of you too.
Blooming, evolving, and guiding you
towards the person you will someday be.

We are not static
We are not born one and the same
and never meant to change.
We are all our own flower
blossoming in a field of light in the darkness.
So shine, my flower, shine.
It is was you were born to do.

The Woodland Wallflower

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