"New year, new me" the phrase goes.

What's wrong with who I am now? I wonder.
Should I not acknowledge my strength? 
My beauty? 
My kindness? 
Should I scatter myself to the winds?
Should I destroy and reinvent the body and the mind I was born to love?

I like myself the way I am.
Why should I change completely
when I can instead learn to embrace who I am fully?
When I can instead begin to grow.

Last year was a nightmare.
All of us isolated and scared.
Trapped at the peak of the tallest tower 
with no sparkling savior in sight.
My body was a prison,
my mind a cage,
my tears my only company as I fell apart 
and slowly learned to build myself back up again.
Wiser and stronger than ever before.

All around me illness spread like wildfire while the forests burned.
One horror after another
while all I could do is watch.

It's a new year.
I chose to leave behind my struggles and embrace the gifts of the present.
I chose to shine a light wherever I go.
I chose to be here for you, always.

It's a new year, and a better me 
a better you, a better us.
Hand in hand we can build the world back up again.
Hand in hand we can hold tightly to hope.

It's a new year, let's make the most of it.πŸ’•

The Woodland Wallflower

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